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IRS Back Taxes Settlement for Cleveland-area Taxpayers

IRS back tax settlement Cleveland

IRS back taxes are owed by millions of individuals and businesses. Although we all wish we could pay our taxes on time, it’s not always possible to do so for various reasons.  The IRS expects you to pay your tax obligations, and has wide authority to issue debt collections to collect back taxes.  The IRS can even take your wages and apply them to your IRS back taxes, which is not only financially burdensome (maybe even devastating) but embarrassing as well – potentially subjecting you to the loss of your job.

However, Cleveland Pure Tax Resolution can address your unique back tax problem, and exercise proper IRS back taxes settlement or forgiveness program for you.

IRS back taxes can be resolved by reducing or eliminating your debt through a variety of IRS back tax forgiveness programs available to Cleveland taxpayers:

  • Partial Payment Installment Agreements: You may qualify for a partial installment agreement, depending on your financial situation.  If you qualify, the IRS can grant you a payment plan that allows you to pay your back taxes in manageable installments, without having to worry about penalties, garnishments, or levies.  A professional IRS back taxes expert can help to ensure the facts of your case are presented in the most favorable light.
  • Offer in Compromise (OIC): The offer in compromise (OIC) is available to a percentage of taxpayers who meet the stringent requirements of the offer in compromise program.  An OIC is an agreement with the IRS to reduce your IRS back tax balance to less than what is actually owed based upon a demonstration that your assets and income would not permit repayment in full within the statutory period.  The forms for submitting an offer in compromise are complicated and require professional tax advice.  The offer in compromise is only one tool available to us to resolve your back tax problems.
  • Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC): Sometimes referred to as a hardship determination, a CNC determination may produce a permanent solution to your IRS back taxes.  To obtain a currently not collectible determine, under statute, you need to persuade the IRS that the unique facts and circumstances of your case favor a CNC determination.   Because the presentation is key, and the IRS has discretion in applying the statute, the level of professionalism in your application, and how you marshal the facts to support your cause has a direct bearing on your likelihood of success.  It goes without saying that tax attorneys, who spend 7 or more years in school, learning the art of persuasion gives you an advantage when trying to persuade the IRS that your case warrants a CNC determination.

Pursue IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Today

Owing the IRS back taxes takes an emotional and financial toll on you and your family.  Taking action to resolve your IRS back taxes puts you back in control of your present and your future.   Cleveland Pure Tax Resolution will negotiate with the IRS to achieve an ideal IRS back tax forgiveness program for you.   For a free analysis of your IRS back tax debt, contact Cleveland Pure Tax Resolution. (440) 271-1760


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