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IRS Audit Representation for Cleveland, OH Taxpayers

IRS audit representation Cleveland

If you are a Cleveland-area taxpayers that has received a notice that your tax return is being audited by the IRS, you need to seek IRS audit representation. The IRS is adding agent to conduct more tax audits and collect more tax revenue to help repay the federal deficit.

Some audits are more intrusive than others.  The least intrusive audit, and the one conducted most of the time, is a correspondence audit.  A correspondence audit does not involve meeting in person with federal IRS agents but rather sending requested information by mail and/or providing information by phone to verify items that you included or omitted from your tax return.  But, even though you’re not meeting in person with a federal agent, your communications with the IRS directly impact your tax problems and you are well advised to seek professional representation by a tax attorney before you speak with the IRS or send them information.

Some audits are far more intrusive of course, and may take place at your home or place of business, and the audit may last for several days depending on the complexity of the tax issues.  Obviously, if you have received an audit letter indicating that you’re subject to a field audit, you should immediately seek tax help from a licensed tax attorney.

Why choose us for IRS Audit Representation?

The IRS makes mistakes too, and a tax professional, skilled in identifying IRS errors and negotiating with the IRS can reduce your tax liability to the minimum amount you actually owe the IRS.  So, don’t panic, but rather, immediately contact a tax audit attorney.  At Cleveland Pure Tax Representation, our licensed tax attorneys are seasoned in IRS audit representation, and we’re ready to immediately jump in and help you resolve your IRS audit. Contact us today for a FREE consultation (440) 271-1760