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Relief for Business Tax Problems - Serving Cleveland-area Businesses

Business tax problems Cleveland

Running a business is challenging and as busy as you are trying to grow your business, sometimes things fall between the cracks.  Business tax problems happen to businesses despite their best intentions.

Business tax problems can be classified into 3 buckets:

Payroll Tax Problems

Payroll tax problems arise when business owners either fail to file required tax returns, like Form 940 or Form 941, or when they file the return but fail to pay the required tax. Failure to file or pay payroll taxes when due is a surefire way to get yourself in serious trouble with the IRS.  Payroll taxes are Trust Fund taxes which means you’ve collected taxes by withholding them from employees pay with a duty to pay those taxes over to the IRS.  The IRS takes payroll tax problems extremely seriously. Furthermore, failure to pay payroll taxes will subject you to tax penalties and potentially liens and asset seizures. Payroll tax problems, and other business tax problems, demand your immediate attention.

Worker Classification Issues

Whether your workers are employees or independent contractors is a questions of law; it is not a question of how you choose to treat them.   It’s a highly fact specific inquiry and one that is often abused by companies who classify workers as independent contractors to avoid the obligation to pay payroll tax.  The IRS has a heightened focus now on worker classification issues and routinely audits tax returns to identify and correct mistaken worker classification.  If you experience business tax problems due to the way you characterized your workers, Cleveland Pure Tax Help can assist you in negotiating a resolution with the IRS.

Taking Unwarranted Tax Deductions

You are entitled to take tax deductions for business expenses, not personal expenses.  Many small business owners blur the line between business and person, leading to business tax problems.


If the IRS has challenged your tax return, if you have received collection letters from the IRS or if you have received notice of an IRS audit, we can help with your business tax problems.  Contact Cleveland Pure Tax Resolution for a FREE consultation with one of our business tax attorneys. (440) 271-1760